A 10-year-old girl rescued her father who tried to commit suicide by swallowing arsenic acid by calling 1644 hotline to get help.

The story of this wonderful girl was disclosed today (Feb 23) in the Facebook page of FM 91 Traffic Pro radio station.

According to the radio station, an official manning 1644 hotline at the station received a phone call from a young girl who wept as she asked for an ambulance to be sent to pick up her father at a house in Soi Pracha-uhit 66 in Bangkok's Thung Khru district.

She managed to tell the staff clearly about the incident, her father's condition, and the house's location.

She told the official that her father, identified later as Mr Dum, swallowed a lot of arsenic acid and he was vomiting a lot and his body jerking all the time.

Police and an ambulance was later rushed to the house which has no address and took Mr Dum to the nearest hospital for emergency medical treatment.

The girl's neighbours told Thai PBS reporter that Mr Dum works as cart pusher at Pakklong Talad flower market. He had a heated quarrel with his wife Friday morning and then his wife left the house with their youngest child.

Upon returning home in the afternoon, Mr Dum didn't see his wife and their youngest child. So he went out to borrow some money from a neighbor and it was suspected that he went to buy arsenic acid from a shop with the borrowed money.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)

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