Thailand repatriated 16 Myanmar migrant workers back to Myanmar on Wednesday (Feb 28) for illegal entry.

All the workers were victims of human trafficking.

The Myanmar workers, 14 men and two women, were from Rakhine State and were smuggled into Mae Sod district of Tak province by human trafficking gang to work in fishing boats in Southern Thailand.

They worked illegally for one year were unpaid until all were rescued by Thai authorities.

Officials of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security said the workers were handed to Myanmar human security officials yesterday at the border.

Myanmar authorities said all the workers would be sent to Mawlamyine where they would be awaiting for their families and relatives to pick them up homes.

Meanwhile Myanmar workers said this group of migrant workers entered the country illegally to work, therefore making them in no position to negotiate with their employers in case they were paid lowly or were not paid.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)

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