A historical foundation seal marking the June 24, 1932 coup by the so-called Promoters which eventually transformed the Siam from Absolute Monarchy to Constitutional Monarchy has mysteriously gone missing and replaced by a new seal.

Mr Banlue Sooksai, Dusit district chief officer, said Friday that his office was aware of the change of the foundation seal but didn't know which agency ordered or made the change. He added that he would make a public statement when more information was received about the matter.

Fine Arts Department director-general Anant Chuchote said he didn't know either who ordered the change of the seal as well as the wordings on the seal. He, however, added that the area in which the seal was embedded � which is the Royal Plaza � is beyond the jurisdiction of his department.

The old wordings read: At this location on June 24, 1932, the Promoters granted a constitution for the prosperity of the nation.

The new wordings read: The respect in the Triple Gems, in the State, in the family, the honesty in the King are tools to make the State prosper. Let Siam forever prosper, people happy to become the force of the land.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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