The mother of a teacher who was accused of harshly beating a 7-year-old boy student has offered a 50,000 baht cash remedy to withdraw the case earlier filed with the police.

This was revealed by the boy's mother Mrs Boonsueb Khanthong as she brought her son to see psychiatrist at Thammasat Rangsit Centre hospital for physical and mental check after the boy was reported to be in fear and trembling.

She recalled that after the incident the teacher never came out to visit and apologise for the incident.

It was only a visit from the teacher's mother to say sorry, and offered a 50,000 baht cash remedy to withdraw the complaint filed at Klong Luang police station.

However she said she rejected the offer as the act she did to her son was too much and unacceptable.

After that visit, she never returned again, Mrs Boonsueb said.

Klong Luang police said they will summon the teacher for questioning in the next few days.

If she does not show up, a second summon will be issued.

If she still does not come to see the police, arrest warrant will be issued.

Earlier Mrs Boonsueb said in her complaint addressed to the education permanent secretary that the assistant teacher of Sang-am Wittaya school, Ms Chalida Paichitprapaporn, does not fit to be a teacher because of her use of violence against her child.

The boy was allegedly hit 99 times with a scout's wooden pole by Ms Chalida after he skipped out of the classroom to pee in the toilet during a test.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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