The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has now set ultimatum for 56 resorts and hotels encroaching on national park on KoSamet to leave the places.

The deadline for owners of these places were given until February 19 to demolish all the constructions built illegally on the beach in KhaoLaemYa-KoSamet national park after a meeting yesterday.

Owners and business operators of the 56 resorts and hotels were summoned for the meeting by park authorities.

At the meeting they were told to leave and demolish all the buildings encroached on the beaches in KoSamet.

Moreover all operators were also banned from holding fire baton twirling shows, putting folding tents, beach chairs and beds on SaiKaeo-Wong Duen beach.

This will enable tourists to enjoy walking and relaxing in the beach.

Park authorities also told them that only one pier belongs to Rayong Local Administration will be permitted for boat service.

Six other piers must be demolished to facilitate control and fee collection.

Banana boat sailing is also ordered out 300-500 metres from the beach, while parasailing also ordered out of the national park area.

For fire baton twirling show, operator was told that fire baton must be replaced with LED light baton instead as fire from oil could stain the beach. The show must also be performed at the compound of each hotel or resort, as well as massage service restricted only in the area of each operator.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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