BANGKOK, Thailand Nine Myanmar laborers were killed and seven others were injured when a van collided into a tree and caught fire in central Thailand on Sunday.

The van carrying 16 people was heading for western Thailand's border province Tak. The crash occurred when the van veered off and smashed into a roadside tree in Kamphaeng Phet Province.

Firefighters extinguished the fire engulfing the van, only to find the nine people dead inside, huddled together in the front seats. The other seven, including the driver, were injured and hospitalized, according to reports.

Local reports said the dead were all Myanmar workers. Initial investigations showed the driver fell asleep and lost control in heavy rain before the tragedy happened.

Reports said several fatal accidents have taken place on the same section of the long and straight road which causes drivers to be prone to be drowsy and less alert.

Further investigations are ongoing.

Source: NAM News Network