A French tourist was bitten by a crocodile as she was trying to selfie of herself and her husband next to the beast at Haew Suwat waterfall in Khao Yai on New Year's Day.

Mr Kanchit Srinoppawan, chief of Khao Yai national park, disclosed that the victim and her husband, both French tourists, were trekking near the waterfall when they came across a crocodile sun-bathing on the bank of the Lam Takong stream.

Both approached the crocodile trying to selfie themselves with the beast. But the wife slipped as she tried to stand up, hence, prompting the crocodile to become excited and bite her on left leg.

A few Thai tourists who saw the incident alerted park officials who took her to the hospital for treatment. She was reported to be safe as the wound was not serious.

Kanchit said there were signs in both Thai and English warning tourists on jungle trek of the presence of crocodiles near the waterfall. He admitted that some tourists defied the warning sign.

It was reported that there are two crocodiles living in the stream near the waterfall. Both were released into the stream when they were small by someone and they have now grown up to about two metres long.

Park officials have tried to catch them but without success because they are people who oppose their capture and want them to stay there.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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