Airport of Thailand Company, in cooperation with the Miracle Group, will launch a new service on December 31 on the fourth floor of Don Meuang airport to cater to the need of the working passengers while they are waiting to board flights or to connect flights.

Called the Miracle Co-working Space, the new facility covers 500 square metres of space on the fourth floor of the second terminal building. It will be fitted with all the facilities such as high-speed internet that will make those who use the service feel comfortable while they are working, socializing or just resting as if they are at an airport lounge.

The Miracle Co-working Space has different compartments catering to different tastes or purposes. Also available are different kinds of food for different choices and drinks.

The basic rate for the use of the Miracle Co-working Space is 200 baht per head for two hours.

AOT director Mr Petch Chuncharoen said the rate would be adjusted after the facility is open to the public for a while to not exceeding 300 baht per head for two hours.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

By tladmin