IconXchange (IXC) intends to monetize the future revenues of sports and entertainment stars via Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Token Generating Events (TGE). The intended offerings will provide fans with the ability to invest in current and future revenues of athletes and entertainers, on and off field/stage. The Initial Coin Offering/TGE scheduled to go live by May 0f 2018.

New York, April 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The blockchain technology will be used for tracking of performance, brand recognition, contract revenues, endorsement revenues, earnings, distribution and brand management in the world of NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Soccer, Cricket, NASCAR, Formula 1 as well as Acting and Music industries globally. IXC’s platform will look to create a centralized place where fandom and stardom meet. With each offering, Accelerated Technologies (ATHC) will directly retain a fee in the form of tokens, unrelated to its ownership of IXC, to benefit those shareholders that are less likely to participate in the ICOs and prefer to own equity in a publicly traded entity instead.

Accelerated Technologies begin ICO countdown.

“We are very pleased to make public our plans for IconXchange. We anticipate this new medium to fully transform engagement between fans and the Icons they follow, enabling participation in a brand’s current and future successes. Unlike our predecessors launching applications with great potential, our intended targets are currently generating revenues and have global recognition. We believe, Icons will compete for ranking and Token valuations”.  Said Eric Kuvykin, Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. President.

Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. (OTCMarkets.com: ATHC) is a full-service end to end business solution and technology company that specializes in cloud based disruptive technologies. The Company provides consulting and enterprise level technology services. In addition, ATHC is involved in developing its own disruptive technology products in the sectors of artificial social realities, short term alternative funding platforms, electronic payment solutions and Blockchain technologies focused on social engagement, sports, entertainment and content creation.

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Source: Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp.