Adhere to law-feelings Solving the knot of moving Uthen Thawai

House "Supamas" Minister of Higher Education revealed that the atmosphere of discussions to solve the Chula-Uthen Thawai dispute went well, pointing out that the principles of law must be adhered to along with feelings as well. Accepting fear of using the area for commercial use

Ms. Supamas Isaraphakdee, Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, gave an interview regarding negotiations to find a resolution after the court issued an order deciding to transfer. Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok (RMUTT) Uthen Thawai Campus leaves the area within 60 days, saying yesterday (16 Nov.) there was a meeting with all parties to find a resolution. which was represented by Uthen Thawai Office of the Attorney General Crown Property Bureau, Treasury Department, Budget Bureau and assets from Chulalongkorn University The meeting talked with reason. Listen to opinions and suggestions from all parties. Confirm that the atmosphere of the meeting was good. It doesn't add to the conflict.

Ms. Supamas said that the meeting agreed to study the proposals at the meeting to see how feasible they were. in order to reach a conclusion in the next meeting After that, Chula Will study together with relevant government agencies. He admitted that Uthen Thawai students wanted clarity and had doubts that were not as agreed upon previously. If we agree to end the matter, it may not be as agreed upon. which many people are worried about What will happen before students graduate? And if you have to move Where will you go? Has anyone come to take care of you? This is because many people receive inconsistent information. Therefore there is concern.

When asked whether a timeline for negotiations had been laid out, Ms. Supamas said that no framework or timeline could be laid out for negotiating a resolution. Because it may increase the mood of violence. It's just that everyone wants a good resolution as quickly as possible.

As for the case of alumni coming to support current students in the movement, Ms. Supamas said that in the discussion group yesterday (Nov. 16), there were also alumni joining as committee members. There is a proposal that when the problem is still unfinished like this Therefore, I would like to hear from Uthen Thawai what they want and how Chula can support this proposal. However, it is possible that if Uthen Thawai sees a clear picture that Chula The land was returned and was not used commercially. But it is used for public benefit. It could be a public park or a children's educational museum like the art galleries in Bangkok. It may be a new proposal that Uthenthawai may consider. This should be a good trend.

“This problem has been around for a long time. Probably wouldn't use the word "end". But there may be changes in this era. Coincidentally, over the past 20 years, lawsuits have been filed continuously but there has been no order from the Supreme Administrative Court. In this era, every party must abide by the highest law. Just cannot rely on the principles of law alone. But the principle of peace and order must be adhered to. The feelings of all personnel in Uthen Thawai must be taken care of as well. Because we don't want to see the institution where we studied disappear overnight. The matter of people's feelings is as big a matter as the matter of the law. Therefore, the law must be enforced voluntarily. And everyone agrees,” Ms. Supamas said.

Source: Thai News Agency