After visiting the Din Daeng flat area See the problem as a brief image of Bangkok.

Din Daeng Flats, "Chatchat" stated after visiting the area with the Prime Minister. At the Din Daeng flat, they said they saw the problem because it was a thumbnail image of Bangkok, revealing that the Prime Minister had ordered them to solve the problem for the villagers. Mr. Chatchat Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok Gave an interview after visiting the area with Nansettha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. at Din Daeng Flats that today he went to the area together with the Prime Minister to look at the problem. Especially the red land It is considered to be the primary source of problems found, such as garbage problems and many large rats. Due to the design of the Din Daeng flats, in the past there was a shaft to dump garbage from above to below. And this causes problems in the box, causing there to be a lot of rats. And collecting garbage is difficult. Because the officials had to go and dig up the trash in the box. Bangkok has coordinated with the Din Daeng Flats community to change the me thod of disposing of waste by setting up large garbage cans. Below is for people to bring and throw away. which is now attached to the garbage box in the beginning There were people who complained, but now people have more understanding. Rat and garbage problems are reduced. which this model will lead to It is an example extended in various flat areas. As for the flooding problem, Bangkok Take care of pipe peeling. Mr. Chatchat said that the Prime Minister emphasized on Solving problems mainly in the capillaries. The Prime Minister looked at it for a moment and saw many problems. Because of this Din Daeng area It is a summary image of Bangkok. There are many problems, such as flooding, education of bedridden patients. Just walking less than 500 meters, you already know the problems in Bangkok's thumbnail. Personally, I believe that these problems also occur in many other places because there are a large number of residents. During the Prime Minister's visit to the area There were villagers who came to compl ain and criticize the work of government agencies. The Governor of Bangkok explained that the said villager Came to complain about the living conditions of the flat. Because there is a problem with water leaks and water seepage. This problem is the responsibility of the National Housing Authority. It is not a direct responsibility of Bangkok, which the Prime Minister stated that Mainly carry out repairs and corrections. As for the issue of e-cigarettes, which there have been complaints about being sold around educational institutions, the Governor of Bangkok said that the sale of e-cigarettes is considered an illegal act. But if you want to search inside the school, it is not possible, but the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will find measures to create awareness within the school. Be aware of the dangers and dangers of electronic cigarettes. It will be assigned to the agency that has direct responsibility to take care of it. As for the information on the sale of e-cigarettes around educational institut ions, it was found that there were thousands of e-cigarette sales in the Bangkok area. Initially, there has been coordination with the Consumer Protection Office (OCPB), because it is responsible for taking care of the main issue. There will be no announcement in Bangkok. Ban on selling electronic cigarettes Because it will be a duplication of duties of the agency that is already taking care of it. Source: Thai News Agency