“Amarat” couldn’t bear being attacked and damaged. Confirmed that he was not threatening

Amarat" admits he can't stand being attacked and damaged. I have been a victim for a long time. Confirming that there was no threat, acting mindfully and being prepared to accept the consequences.

Mrs. Amarat Chokpamitkul, former party list MP of the Kaewklai Party and advisor to the 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, spoke about the case where it was alleged that Threatening others by traveling to work and residences of Facebook users "New Year, New Year" saying they did it because they were victims. Sorry for causing the community in the social media world. Feeling negative Willing to accept any punishment. that will follow both socially and legally And personally, legal action will be taken as well.

“I would like to say that this incident occurred from the helplessness of being the victim for a long time. Person whose real name has not been revealed Use space in social media to spin false news, fake news, curse, attack other people, slander and slander without reason. The point where he felt he couldn't stand it. That is, editing images in a bad way, such as editing images with a picture of "Kamnan Nok," is considered an offense for importing false information into the computer system," Mrs. Amarat said.

Mrs. Amarat said that as a victim who had been a victim for a long time. I have a feeling. and when he learned that this person probably worked at a company I checked at work to see if I was really an employee of this company or not. The HR manager asked for evidence for further investigation.

“Just right through the company's entrance. On the way home So he stopped by and contacted to exchange for a proper company entrance ticket and was warmly welcomed by the company's executives. and had a conversation and admitted that he was the same person as the company's employee and that a warning had already been given. He was relieved when he learned that he thought it was not a threat. Because it was properly contacted and welcomed. Well, the matter ended there,” Mrs. Amarat said.

Mrs. Amarat said that as for what she posted on social media I think that in addition to legal measures There should also be social measures. because he is a person who does not exist Cause damage to society and affects many people Many people do not have the means to sue for defamation.

For their part, if there is any part that would be against the law Whether it is the Personal Data Protection Act or PDPA, we are willing to fight according to the legal process. But let me clarify that Disclosing information is within the framework that we think It does not fall under the PDPA law because it did not reveal the real name, surname, ID card number, car registration, house number, and address. This must be discussed in court. Emphasizing that he is the victim of what has been done to him must protect myself How will society decide after this? I am happy to accept.

Mrs. Amarat also reiterated that He was not the only victim. Therefore, you must protect yourself and other victims as well, because this account has acted in this way continuously and for a long time. But if the method was wrong, he apologizes and is ready to take responsibility. which he has experienced being harassed many times But this time he contacted the company. He was correct and did not use words. threatening actions Or what kind of pressure do you use?

As for the Vice President of the Council identified as inappropriate behavior And there may be consideration of being released from the position of advisor to the Deputy Speaker of the Council. Mrs. Amarat said that at this time we had not met. To leave or not to leave? It's up to the appointed person. But if you want to leave, you won't be stuck with anything because wherever you are, you can work.

When asked if there had been any discussion with the Kao Klai Party about whether it was against ethics or not, Mrs. Amarat said that she had not discussed it yet because the matter just happened yesterday. There is no problem in providing verification. Confirm that you are doing it consciously. And what I do is worth it. To remove people who live in the shadows Let's shine a light for people to see. Acts as a flashlight To see who is who will be prevented from occurring in the same way again.

Source: Thai News Agency