The Foundation for the Conservation of Cattle has offered a 100,000 baht reward for anyone who can bring back alive Boonrod, a buffalo which was saved from the slaughterhouse and donated to the buffalo bank project at Khao Khor district livestock office.

The foundation has organized activities, including making prayers for the safety to Boonrod, at Khao Khor district livestock office to raise fund for the reward.

Boonrod was bought from a slaughter house by Mr Rapeepat Taratornpitak to save it from being slaughtered for its meat and it was donated to Royally-initiated buffalo bank project at Khao Khor district livestock office.

Boonrod was later given to a farmer who joined the project last August. However, it was discovered that the farmer traded Boonrod for a female buffalo and a calf with a cattle merchant which constituted a breach of agreement.

Representatives of the foundation and donors met with livestock officials of Phitsanulok and Phetchabun provinces as well as police, military and local officials to discuss about Boonrod and buffalo bank project.

The foundation has asked livestock officials in all provinces to check if buffaloes under the project are still fine and with the farmers.

The Livestock Department said that farmer who traded Boonrod would face a fine double the value of the buffalo or about 70,000 baht.

The department also issued a statement in its website, saying that, according to the buffalo bank's conditions, any farmer who borrowed a female buffalo or a cow from the bank could exchange for a new buffalo or a cow if the animal does not give birth to a calf within three years.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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