“Ann” takes her heart out playing the role of “Doctor Jane”, fueling her acting career.

Nine Entertainment 13 Oct. - Ann Thongprasom reveals the legend of eyebrow shaving makes the new generation more aware of it. Take out your heart and play the role of Dr. Jane, fueling your acting career.

It made many people excited after the talented organizer "Ann Thongprasom" revealed a shocking story from the past that she once accepted an advertising job that paid hundreds of thousands of baht. But the entire eyebrow must be shaved off for realism. Because I have to take on the role of "Mona Lisa", this time my bald eyebrows are at my peak. After filming, we found more interesting stories. When the payment was checked, it could not be cashed. When I took the bounced check, I told the house that I was accepting the job. Instead, I was ignored. Had to sit and cry like in the drama Until the owner of the house took the check that he had cashed and threw it to me.

As for another hottest role for Dr. Jane from the drama "The Betrayal Love Game", it made many people fall in love. And it was said with one voice that Ann played the role very well. He said that this is the story that takes the heart out the most. It's like running when the body can't handle it but the spirit keeps going. It is considered a tough role from what I have played before.

Source: Thai News Agency