Authorities warned organizers of May 22 coup anniversary

Police and military officers have seized several documents deemed hostile to the National Council for Peace and Order from the organizers of a forum to mark the 3rd anniversary of the May 22 coup held at Thammasat University on Sunday.

The forum, titled 360 degrees, Thais can do more than you think, was organized by the Democracy Revival Group to discuss the impacts from the coup in various dimensions for the past three years.

Plainclothes police and military officers informed the organizers that they could not use wording such as NCPO dictatorship, saying that it might endanger security otherwise the forum will be shut down and the organizers face arrest.

Documents bearing the wording Unhappy Birthday 3 and Gifts that Thais (must) Deliver that the organizers have prepared to be distributed at the forum were confiscated.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)