Ayutthaya Historical Park yesterday asked tourists visiting the Chai Wattanaram temple not to sit, stand or lean on the balcony around the main stupa of the temple after several bricks were broken and spalled.

The request came after a large number of tourists, mostly students and local residents from the provinces came to visit the Chai Wattanaram temple.

The surge in tourist arrivals from 1,000 people a day to over 10,000 followed the increasing popularity of the prime-time Thai comedy series, Buppae Sanniwas, aired on Channel 3 which has attracted Thai people to trace their past-life destinies.

According to the director of the historical park Ms Supinya Bownerd, she has ordered park officials to be strict with visitors to ancient temples, in particular the Chai Wattanaram temple where officials found damages to the balcony around the main stupa.

There were several cracks and bricks were found to have broken or spalled.

She said visitors would be asked not to sit, stand or lean on the balcony which is part of the base of the Buddha statute to prevent further damages to the historic ruins.

According to the park, at present over 10,000 people visit the park daily from just 1,000 previously.

The park sells 4,000-18,000 entrance tickets a day to visitors, excluding aged people and students who are allowed free of charge visit.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)

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