The director of Nida Poll of the National Institute of Development Administration will quit his post on Monday after his opinion survey result on Borrowed Pricey Wristwatches was banned from being released by the institute.

In his Facebook post on Sunday, Dr Arnond Sakworawich wrote: I quit from the post of the Nida Poll director tomorrow morning (Monday). Academic freedom and mutual respect are most important for me. Although without any positions, I still have space to stand in the society because I have been standing on righteousness all along. I support the coup and the government. But if there is something not right or unjust, there is no need for me to lick the top boot especially there is solid academic evidence � the opinions of the people.

My duty as an academic is to present in a straight-forward manner. For all the administrative positions in the institute, I have never received any remuneration because they are political positions that I have to serve with dedication and to stand on the bases of academic freedom and ethical bravery. If these cannot be preserved, there is no reason to stay on as Nida Poll director, whose duty is to reflect the opinions of the public in honesty and with bravery. I will never betray the public and righteousness.

Dr Arnond. However, did not elaborate what was the actual cause of his intention to resign and what it was all about.

But Associate Professor Phichai Ratnatilaka na Phuket, vice dean of academic affairs of Nida, however, posted a message in his Facebook, saying that he heard Dr Arnond's poll was about the Borrowed Pricey Wristwatches which was already completed, but was not released this week because it was banned from being released by the institute's executives.

Bye-bye for academic freedom in higher learning institutes of this country if the management have this kind of mindset, wrote Phichai.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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