Bang Krachao, known as the green lung of Bangkok, will be rehabilitated to preserve its greenery to fulfill the wish of the late King to preserve it as the lung of Bangkok and Samut Prakarn provinces.

The rehabilitation of Bang Krachao was announced at a joint press conference of three state agencies yesterday.

They are the Royal Forest Department, Kasetsart University, and PTT Plc.

A 100-million baht fund will be set aside by PTT to undertake the rehabilitation of Bang Krachao under a three-year plan signed yesterday.

Under the agreement, they will undertake the development and rehabilitation of green spaces at His Majesty's 80th Birthday Anniversary Park located in Phra Pradaeng district in Samut Prakarn province, popularly known as Bang Krachao.

The plan will take an estimated 3 years to complete, and a budget of 100 million baht has been allocated.

The plan is a realization of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's desire to preserve and maintain Bang Krachao Island in the Chao Phraya river as the lung of Bangkok and Samut Prakarn province.

Bang Krachao is approximately 11,000 rai in size.

According to the plan 70% of the area will be preserved as green space.

At present, only 60% remains green and vegetated.

Previously, Kasetsart University has launched a 10 year plan to develop local economies which would generate increased income for the local community and allow portions of it to be used to maintain the green areas of the island.

However, recent appreciation in property prices has resulted in many local residents selling off their property to businesses causing significant changes in Bang Krachao.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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