Bangkok aims to attract even higher number of foreign tourists to visit, or as much as 30 million this year, the deputy governor of Bangkok said.

Efforts are being underway to promote tourism activities by all district officials to make the capital impressive and attractive, said Ms Pusadee Tamthai, deputy governor of Bangkok, pledged while co-chairing the ceremony to receive award from MasterCard top executives for winning the world's Number One city that international tourists most visited for 2016.

According to Global Destination Cities Survey conducted by MasterCard, Bangkok ranks the world's Number One city out of 132 countries.

The award was presented at a ceremony to hand out a special prize for designated 'Ultimate Global Destinations'.

She said that projections are that for this year alone, the city of Bangkok will be paying host to as much as 30 million foreign visitors.

She also revealed her intentions to maintain the capital's status as the destination of choice with tourists from all over the world and has tasked all district chiefs to look after and develop their respective districts so that Bangkok keeps hold of winning position.

She placed vital importance for each district to ensure and maintain cleanliness as well as safety in order to increase Bangkok's attractiveness for all visitors from abroad.

Bangkok was visited by 21.47 million international tourists, followed by London with 19.88 million foreign visitors, Paris with 18.03 million, Dubai's 15.27 million and New York's 12.75 million.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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