Be sure before sharing. FactINFOcus: Is it true that you shouldn’t drink soda mixed with energy drinks?

As the clip has been shared, it warns against drinking soda mixed with energy drinks because it can be life-threatening. There is a clip of an experiment mixing two types of drinks together. Then a shocking white foam appeared. When left for a moment, the white bubbles will harden.

Conclusion: Not true, should not be shared ?

Check the facts with: Mr. Paphonphat Phatthitiwat Faculty of Home Economics Technology Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi

“Eating soft drinks mixed with energy drinks can be done. harmless Components of both types of drinks There is no single component that causes this behavior. The images in the clip may be an experiment in making Polyurethane Foam, which uses a brown substance similar to soft drinks. In fact, the negative effects that occur when consuming soda mixed with energy drinks are: Exposing our body to too much sugar will cause obesity.”

Source: Thai News Agency