Be sure before sharing. Motor Check: How to cope when your car is overrun. Does it really work?

As advice has been shared for users of diesel-powered vehicles. How to deal with overruns, such as putting in a high gear and put a cloth in the air filter To make the engine stop working

Conclusion: Can be shared, explain further ??

Sure Before Sharing Center, check with Mr. Suramis Charoen-ngam, a tester and automotive technology expert, explaining that it can actually be used in cars using diesel fuel with a manual transmission. If it's an automatic transmission, the method must be used to stop or close the air in the engine room only.

Overrun means the engine revs to its maximum. It's like stepping on the accelerator until it sinks. In this way, even if the key is turned off, the engine will not turn off. The cause may be diesel fuel leaking into the engine. This causes the engine oil to increase abnormally, the engine is old and loose, the injection system malfunctions.

If your car is overrun, the solutions as shared can be done on diesel engine and manual transmission cars. Such symptoms, if caused by engine oil being used as fuel, cannot be controlled. Most of the time, if you don't turn off the engine in time You must wait for the oil in the engine to decrease until the engine shuts down by itself.

Experts recommend that the vehicle's condition should be inspected as a decoration. And the engine oil level is checked. If the engine oil level increases or decreases abnormally I will fix it quickly.

Source: Thai News Agency