Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul gave a press release after the Cabinet meeting. He explained that the Cabinet approved the drafting for 3 legislations including the draft of the Royal Decree on Qualifications for Insurers B.E, the draft of the Royal Decree on qualifications and contributions, types of benefits and conditions of compensation, and the draft of the Royal Decree on Social Security Fund Contributions extend channels for informal workers to access the social security system. This corresponds with government policy on promoting the quality of living within the workforce.

The draft of all 3 decrees will define qualifications of Section 40 insurers, improve benefits and increase new channels (third channels) for insurers which will become more like insurers under Section 39. This includes the increase to 300 Baht compensation during unemployment because of injury, and 200 Baht per day for insurers required hospital admittance for 3 days and more without a medical certificate. Those able to provide medical certificates will be eligible for 50 Baht to compensate for income loss for 1-2 days, but for no more than 3 occasions a year. In addition to this, compensation in the event of death was also increased to 3,000 Baht for those who have contributed for a minimum 60 months.

Furthermore, additional channels (third channels) will allow for contribution of 450 Baht (government 150 Baht and insurer 300 Baht), whereby the benefits received will be an increase of compensation for loss of income in the event of an accident or illness, to a daily rate of 300 Baht for admittance not exceeding 90 days a year. This also applies for patients not admitted to the hospital but directed for bed rest by the doctor, for 3 days and more, whereby the insurer will be eligible for 200 Baht a day, not exceeding 90 days a year. In the event of death, compensation will be 40,000 Baht, whereas child care allowance will increase to 200 Baht per child per month, for a maximum of 2 children. For retirement, contributions will increase to 10,000 Baht if the insurer has contributed for at least 180 months.

Advantages of enforcing the Section 40 insurance is that there is no necessity for medical checkup and membership continues even if payments have been missed, and the government also contributes with the insurer.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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