“Biden” asks for 2.73 trillion baht to help Ukraine-Israel

WASHINGTON, US President Joe Biden has asked for a budget of 75 billion US dollars (about 2.73 trillion baht) to help Ukraine and Israel. But it faces a tough battle in pushing it through Parliament, which still has no Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Democrat President Biden has requested $61 billion in military aid to Ukraine and $14 billion in aid to Israel, for a total of 105,850 baht. million dollars (about 3.86 trillion baht) that he said would protect US interests for generations to come

This huge budget includes $14 billion to address the immigration crisis at the southern border with Mexico, which is a key Republican issue. The budget is $7 billion. ) To leverage China's influence and strengthen alliances in Asia-Pacific, a budget of over 9 billion US dollars (over 328,410 million baht) for delivering humanitarian assistance to Gaza. Ukraine and Israel

MP Jim Jordan

The US House of Representatives, where Republicans hold a majority of 221 votes out of a total of 435, has yet to elect a new speaker to replace Kevin. McCarthy was the first person in US political history to be impeached in September. Hardline Republican Jim Jordan made a third bid on Friday but was unable to win a majority. to be the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. Mr. Chuck Schumer, Democrat, Majority Leader in the Senate, asked House of Representatives approves budget bill as proposed by Biden Because the Senate is ready to approve. - Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency