A big cleanup will be launched by officials of Dusit district and the parliament at and around the parliament building after a rat was found crawling on a food tray at the canteen of the parliament on Thursday.

Health officials from Dusit district on Friday went to the canteen for a field inspection of the canteen and its surroundings. The officials found out a gap through a cardboard wall through which the rat was thought to have sneaked into the canteen.

The officials found a substantial amount of garbage in black plastic bags left on the ground floor behind the parliament club.

Initial examination of the food sold in the canteen showed that the food and kitchen wares were not clean enough. Food leftovers were also found scattering around the canteen.

Mrs Chatraporn Wiwatanawanich who is in charge of general affairs at the parliament club said that normally garbage was collected every day, but sometimes, garbage trucks were not available and garbage was not collected.

A food vendor complained that the parliament had been notified to fix the gap on a cardboard wall to prevent rats from sneaking into the canteen, but no action has been done yet.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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