Bo TK opens up for the first time about breaking up with her husband, ending their 11 year relationship after just one argument.

Nine Entertainment, Confused at the same time when female singer "Bo-Rattanawee" or "Bo TK" came out to reveal the center of the show. She admitted that she had broken up with her husband outside the industry, ending their 14-year relationship after 11 years of marriage.

Girl Bo reveals the reason for ending this love story. “We broke up in February. A story long ago The team said there were no abbreviations at all. That is, we didn't tell anyone. But we have a close group of friends that we consult with. We have family. We feel that's enough. I don't want to share my suffering with the media. We are happy now. Today I want to say Because we feel that when we break up Each person has freedom. There are a lot of things that someone must have sent a picture of. You don't have to tell us. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable about being asked where our boyfriend is. No one needs to send pictures today. Or if you see Bo with someone, don't be suspicious. You don't have to tell anyone. We don't have to be linked together for 11 years, we're very close to each other.

Ask what happened Bova has the same reasons as every couple. When we first started getting married, I wanted it to be good and forever, with goals in life that go together. But one day there was a problem in the relationship. And then it can't go on. I think we both tried our best. That's all it did.

Source: Thai News Agency