One bus hostess was killed and 16 others were injured after the bus skidded, crashing a traffic island and colliding head-on with a truck on the Friendship highway in Soong Nern district of Nakgon Ratchasima province on Sunday night.

Six other trucks were also damaged in the fatal traffic that happened at about 9.30pm on the highway.

Questioning of passengers and other truck drivers revealed that the bus of Nakhon Chai Tour company was taking passengers from Korat to Bangkok.

But as the bus with about 20 passengers arrived near Ban Buyai in Soong Nern district, there was rain.

The bus skidded and crashed on the traffic island before colliding head-on with a ten wheeler coming on the opposite lane of the highway.

The crash left the bus hostess identified as Maneerat Susai, 27, dead and the bus driver Phantom Sudlapha seriously injured. 16 others in the fatal bus and six other vehicles were also injured.

All were later admitted to Maharaj hospital for treatment.

The bus driver said his bus skidded because of the slippery road after raining.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)

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