The Seismological Bureau of Thai Meteorological Department issued an announcement of a 3.2 magnitude earthquake at the depth of 1 kilometre in Mae Lao district of Chiang Rai early this morning.

It said the earthquake occurred at 05.07am Friday and was felt in the town of Chiang Rai.

It did not say if the quake caused any casualties or damaged to properties.

But the residents at Ban Papao in Tambon Pa-sor Donchai of Muang district said they felt two aftershocks after the 3.2 quake.

Seismological Bureau reported the first aftershock of 2.1 magnitude at 2 kilometres deep happened at 05.16am, and another 1.4 magnitude aftershock at 05.20am.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

By tladmin