China says it is ready to improve relations with the United States at all levels.

Singapore, Mr. Han Zheng, Vice President of China. said today that China is ready to hold talks with the United States at all levels. While there is a possibility that there will be a meeting between President Xi Jinping of China and President Joe Biden of the United States in San Francisco, United States. next week

Mr Han told the Bloomberg New Economic Forum in Singapore today that several recent meetings between high-ranking Chinese and US officials had led to... Send a positive signal that Relations between the two countries are improving. He also said that China stands ready to further strengthen communication between them and stands ready to negotiate with the United States at all levels. Push for cooperation that will benefit both sides. He said that the world is big enough for two countries to develop and prosper together.

Relations between China and the United States are not smooth. Some of these periods are considered to be the lowest on record in recent years. both regarding export control Human rights and national security Both sides want to make the relationship better. The United States sent several high-ranking officials to Beijing this year. To improve communication and conversation President Biden Said earlier that He hopes to meet with President Xi. On the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco. next week for creative discussion Meanwhile, China has not yet confirmed the meeting between the two leaders.

Source: Thai News Agency