The Chinese community in Bangkok's China Town or locally known as Yaowaraj will host a big event at the centre of the town this Saturday to show their loyalty to the beloved King BhumibolAdulyadej.

According to the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, theTio Chew Association of Thailand, and the United Chinese Clans Association of Thailand, they will jointly organize the 'Beloved King of the Chinese Community' event on Saturday November 26 from 4.00 � 7.00pm.

The event will be held at His Majesty's 6th Birthday Anniversary Gate which is located at the Odeon Circle onYaowarat Road.

A Buddhist sermon will be recited by 99 monks who will be led by PhraPhromMangkalajarn otherwise known as 'Tharn Chao Khun Thong Chai' the abbot of WatTraimitraWitthaya temple in accordance with the religious 'Sattapakorn' ceremony.

At the event, a performance of the Royal Anthem by 109 musicians from the Royal Thai Navy Orchestra has also been planned.

A parade to form the traditional Thai number 9 will be performed by sailors from the Royal Thai Navy and students from schools in the Samphantawong district which will be followed by a candle lighting ceremony to mourn His Majesty's passing.

After attendees have lit their candles, they will join together to sing the Royal Anthem.

More than 100,000 people are expected to attend the event in China Town this coming Saturday.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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