Mr. Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput, Governor of the Bank of Thailand (BOT), stated that BOT had been granted royal permission from His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua to print the commemorative banknotes on the Auspicious Occasion of the Coronation of King Rama X B.E. 2562 (2019) for circulation.


These commemorative banknotes were designed to honor His Majesty the King in the Royal Coronation Ceremony of 2019 and intended to be a part of the national historical record. The issue date falls on 12 December 2020, marking the anniversary of the Royal Barge Procession held splendidly on 12 December 2019.


This set of commemorative banknotes comprises two denominations, 1,000-baht and 100-baht. The 1,000-baht commemorative banknotes will be issued in quantity of 10 million notes. For the 100-baht commemorative banknotes, 20 million notes will be issued.


The 1,000-baht commemorative banknote was designed in a vertical format, with the unique Dynamic Color-Shifting Image as the advanced counterfeit deterrent feature. The size and security features of this 100-baht commemorative banknote are the same as the currently circulated 100-Baht banknotes with the color theme changed to yellow. The reverse sides of these commemorative banknotes depict meaningful images reflecting the Royal Coronation Ceremony in 2019.


This set of commemorative banknotes can be exchanged at any commercial banks and also at the Government Savings Bank, the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, the Government Housing Bank, and the Islamic Bank of Thailand.


Additionally, the 100-baht commemorative banknotes can be withdrawn from the designated ATMs across the country.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department