Complain to the PCDC that “Ajarn Aek, a psychic palmist” has collected money for treatment but has not recovered.

Bangkok, 17 Nov. – Parents take their disabled son, who has muscle weakness, to be treated by Ajarn Aek, a psychic palmist. Claims treatment cannot be cured, paid 5,000 baht

Lawyer Ronanarong Kaewpet, Chairman of the Campaign to Reclaim Justice in Society They took their parents and their 30-year-old son to complain to the Police Commander after the parents took their child to get treatment for their illness with Ajarn Aek, a psychic palmist. By paying 5,000 baht, but the condition did not improve. When I asked for a refund, I didn't get it back, and they also sold more medicine for me to spray and take. Makes you feel that you have been deceived. Attorney Ronanarong questioned the relevant agencies and the Office of the Basic Education Commission, asking them to inspect Professor Ek's sick treatment office as well. Because now someone has complained, and in this case, there are also celebrities acting as presenters. As for the case of famous comedians who believe and told me to study If you come to treat other people and collect the patient's money I will prepare to sue immediately

Source: Thai News Agency