November 17, 2022 – Communications Division, Office of the President of Khon Kaen University led by Mr. Chumporn Para, Director of the Division held a Project called: “Ngan Rao Man Dee”, the learning and sharing activity for staff development of the public relation network of Khon Kaen University, of the fiscal year 2023. The first group of Project participants were the network members from the Faculty of Associated Medical Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Public Health, the Graduate School, the College of Computing, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine and Communications Division. Prof. Dr. Bandit Tengjaroensakul, D.V.M., Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, welcomed the participants. The event took place at Suneerat Room, Choedchai Building, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Khon Kaen University.

Mr. Chumporn Para mentioned at the opening ceremony, “The “Ngan Rao Man Dee” Project is organized, in the roaming style, in the 1st/2023 meeting of the public relation network of Khon Kaen University. This Project is a new project to support the mission of Khon Kaen University in connecting the public relation work of all faculties and divisions of the University so that the identity of the University public relation works will be a unity. The learning and sharing are organized in small groups of the staff members who are working as public relation officers. The learning and sharing are like an important tool to build common understanding in the production and dissemination of news of all faculties and organizations to be in the same direction, which will lead to good images of Khon Kaen University.”


Usually, KKU public relation network regularly meets and assists one another. The formal meeting is the network seminar where the resting period is used to strengthen the relationship, and the members learn and share their experiences together. At the last activity, the network agreed to “Make the public relation network of KKU become familiar with one another and assist one another better. Thus, there will be more than one meeting per year as well as activities to add to the skills for the job.” This agreement led to the “Ngan Rao Man Dee” Project this time.


The Communications Division Director finally said, “The “Ngan Rao Man Dee” Project comes from the fact that it is lucky to work as a public relation and communication officer. Our job is behind the success of the organization, which can be the maintenance and construction of reputation and providing information to people. Therefore, public relation work is an important and valuable tool that benefits an organization. The work should begin with happiness and fun, and at the same time use creative thinking in order to lead to building of good images to the organization. Therefore, the work “Man Dee” or great fun is derived from our job.”


Khon Kaen University’s public relation network was established in 2002, by the order of Khon Kaen University that appointed public relation officers and those responsible for public relation work of each faculty and division. The Communications Division was assigned to act as the node of the network that connects all public relation work for the unity of organizational images and drives forward skill development of the public relation network of the University in different aspects. The implementation plans have been continuous, using the seminar process of the network as the important tool to build understanding and disseminate information and news of all faculties and organizations of KKU to be in the same direction, leading to regular disseminating of good images of all parts of the University.


The roaming “Ngan Rao Man Dee” will be organized again soon so that the PR members will build good relationship with one another and at the same time, the members will exchange their experiences in public relation, which is another approach to make the network sustainable.


Source: Khon Kaen University