Correctional Service clarifies that “Thaksin” is lying in the police hospital for further treatment.

The Department of Corrections explains that "Thaksin" will be admitted to the police hospital after 30 days after receiving the doctor's opinion report. The treatment is not finished yet. After surgery

Department of Corrections explains In the case of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra who is in the custody of the Bangkok Remand Prison. and later had an emergency illness and had to be sent for treatment to the police hospital, which will complete 30 days tomorrow (Sept. 21), according to the Ministerial Regulations on sending prisoners for treatment outside of prisons, 2020. That in the case where a prisoner is receiving treatment outside of prison for more than 30 days, there must be a letter requesting approval from the Director-General along with the opinion of the doctor treating the patient and related evidence. The Department of Corrections received the letter. Police Hospital Doctor's Opinion Report Specify the reason for Mr. Thaksin's need for treatment for more than 30 days because his treatment has not yet ended because he has undergone surgery. and still needs to be treated at the Police Hospital.

Source: Thai News Agency