The Nakhon Phanom Provincial Court today began the hearing of witnesses produced by a team of legal advisors from the Ministry of Justice in the bid to convince the court to allow the retrial of a hit-and-run case in 2005 in which a teacher was wrongfully judged in 2013 to serve three years in prison.

The ministry will produce 9 witnesses to testify the court that Mrs Jomsap Saenmuangkhot, convicted of hit-and-run charge by the Supreme Court, was not the wrongdoer.

Key witnesses included the real wrongdoer who confessed to be the driver who hit and killed 75-year-old Lueh Porbamrung in the car accident, and a villager who saw the accident and ran to assist the victim on the spot.

One of the witness earlier told the team of legal advisors that his pickup truck which hit and killed Lueh bears Bor Gor 56 Mukdaharn license plate and not Bor Gor 56 Sakhon Nakhon license plate driven by the teacher.

Besides, technicians from Toyota Motor Thailand will testify that the pickup truck owned by Mrs Jomsap had never engaged in any collision with evidences from laboratory inspection of the vehicle.

After the hearing of witnesses, the court will allow the prosecutor of Nakhon Phanom to testify against the retrial of the case.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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