A complaint is to be lodged with the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police next week to investigate two importers of anti-rabies vaccine after it was discovered that their product is substandard and suspected to be fake, said Atchariya Ruangrattanapong, head of a private organization dedicated to help crime victims.

Mr Atchariya on on Thursday (March 29) accompanied livestock officials of Samut Prakan to observe rabies situation in Bang Saothong district and to observe efforts of officials concerned to control the spread of rabies in the district.

The team discovered that the district is running short of vaccine as the 3,500 doses of vaccine ordered by the Sisa Chorakhae Noi Tambon Administration Organization has yet be delivered by the supplier.

To temporarily address the vaccine shortage problem, the Livestock Development Department (LDD) has agreed to lend some of its vaccine to the TAO because Ban Klong Chorakhae Noi has been described as rabies epidemic zone.

Earlier, the LDD reported that it had received a shipment of rabies vaccine from a company which won the bid to supply the vaccine to the department, but the vaccine delivered came from a different company.

According to Mr Atchariya substandard rabies vaccines bought by the LDD and had been recalled by the Food and Drug Administrations in 2016 were still in use in some areas.

The LDD, however, dismissed the allegation, saying all of the recalled vaccines had been destroyed.

Veterinarian Charnchai Chullobon, of Samut Prakan livestock office, said 1,830 dogs and cats had been vaccinated, but there are still over 3,000 animals yet to be vaccinated.

Several provinces are experiencing a shortage of anti-rabies vaccine.

In Prachuab Khiri Khan, for instance, about 3,000 doses of vaccine are needed for at least 3,000 pet animals in Hua Hin district, but the vaccine has yet to be delivered by a supplier.

Mr Surasit Henkaeo, acting mayor of Tap Tai Tambon Administration Organization in Hua Hin, said he expected the arrival of vaccine before Songkran festival. For the time being, he said residents in Tambon Tap Tai had been warned to watch out for rabid dogs and to immediately alert officials.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)

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