The Customs Department will hold the second auction of seized luxury cars on July 6 after the planned first auction was abruptly cancelled Friday as the Land Transport Department doubted that most of the vehicles cannot be legally registered.

The holding of the second auction was jointly declared at a press conference attended by high ranking officials of the Customs Department and executives of the Union Auction, the official venue for the auction.

Custom officials said they have checked information of these cars from six agencies comprising the Royal Thai Police, the Department of Special Investigation, the Land Transport Department, the Commerce Ministry and the private sector.

The result was that 291 luxury cars have documents to prove their origins and that they could be auctioned on July 6.

Union Auction was designated by the Customs Department to hold the auction as they assured that every car could be registered at the Department of Land Transport.

But they said 24 cars remained suspicious and they were taken out from the auction list.

One among them was apparently assembled from assorted parts before the law which banned the issuance of registration certificate for car assembled from used and imported parts has taken effect.

Legal issue of the car would be rule by the Council of State.

The department will allow interested people to inspect the cars.

Any interested people could inspect the cars between July 4-5 and the auction would be held on July 6.

Each bidder must place around 100,000-200,000 baht to qualify for the auction.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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