“Dab Pae” who shot Rider was detained and imprisoned

Huai Khwang Police Station, Investigators at Huai Khwang Police Station took “Dab Pae” who shot the rider into custody. Ready to object to insurance

Investigators from Huai Khwang Police Station detained Police Sergeant Kiatiphong. The commander of the investigation division at Sutthisan Police Station went to request the authority of the Ratchadaphisek Criminal Court to imprison Pad Raek for 12 days on the offense of intentionally killing another person. After using a firearm to shoot Mr. Thitiwat or Mok, 25 years old, dead in front of his house in Soi Ratchadaphisek yesterday evening.

Meanwhile, Huai Khwang Police Station investigators detained Mr. Kiattiphong or Dab Pae and asked the Criminal Court to imprison him. The reporter tried to inquire about various facts, and Dab Pae briefly revealed that Mr. Mok would actually come in and use a knife to stab himself. This made him feel frightened and hurriedly picked up his gun and shot to protect himself. which is a force majeure event

Pol. Maj. Gen. Atthap
hon Wongsiripreeda Metropolitan Police Commander 1 revealed to the news team via mobile phone that The accused is currently in police custody. At the end of the request, the investigating officer objected to bail. Because there is a high criminal penalty rate and fear that the accused will tamper with evidence As for the details, the police will explain.

As for the atmosphere this morning at Huai Khwang Police Station, Mr. Finger (pseudonym), Ms. Ann’s stepfather, who was the driver taking Dab Pae to the said house Until a tragic incident occurred, he came to give a statement to the investigating officer. Ready to tell the news team that Before the incident, he went to work with his sword. But I forgot my phone which contained important information with Ms. Ann. So I called to coordinate in order to go in and get the phone. When we arrived at the scene, we asked the mother of the deceased person in front of the house. The dead man then threw an energy drink bottle from the second floor into the car and ran d
own using a knife approximately 1 foot long, cutting himself until he fled into the car. Meanwhile, the dead man ran and tried to stab Pae with a sword who was waiting inside the car with the car window open. Dab Pae asked the dead man if he had something nice to talk about, but the dead man still hadn’t stopped being crazy. As a result, Dab Pae used a firearm and fired 1 round, admitting that he was the cause of this loss.

In addition, Mr. Finger confirmed that he and Dab Pae had never known or seen a dead person before. Never been to this house On the day of the incident, he called to ask for information from Miss Ann. and Miss Mint living together Along with confirming that He has the status of being Miss Ann’s stepfather. With absolutely no other relationship.

Source: Thai News Agency