“Our platform automatically detects confidential information, masks data irreversibly, then ensures all sensitive elements become invisible”

SYDNEY, Australia, Aug. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The flurry among Australian businesses seeking to comply with new data-breach regulations has triggered a surge in demand for the masking component of a total data solution offered by market newcomer Delphix.

This capability forms part of the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform (DDDP), which also accelerates app development by up to 50%, while facilitating speedy and safe flows of data throughout cloud and other environments.

Delphix is reporting dramatic business growth in Australia because it enables increasingly massive volumes of data to flow speedily and in self-service format to developers, quality assurance testers and AI/BI engineers without risking security.

Richard Gerdis, Vice President of Sales for Delphix Asia Pacific and Japan said: “Data breaches continue to hit the headlines as organisations struggle with information security, following recent regulatory developments in Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe. We can ease the tension that now exists between the need to move masses of data rapidly throughout multiple environments and keeping it totally secure.”

He added: “Our customers turn to us because the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform automatically detects confidential information, masks data irreversibly and ensures all sensitive elements become invisible. Masking is better than encryption, which can be bypassed, and our users do not need programming expertise.”

Algorithms mask everything from names and social security numbers to images and text fields, and can be customised to match specific security policies.

The DDDP also includes pre-packaged masking sets for healthcare and financial information, and comes with the ability to perform tokenisation – a process that obfuscates data sent for processing, then reconstitutes it on return.

Vice President, IDC Asia Pacific IT Security Practice, Simon Piff said: “Delphix appears to have come up with a simple solution to a problem commonly faced by businesses today. I think the company’s future looks eminently promising, but a challenge will be its ability to scale up swiftly enough.”

Businesses in Australia are hungry for a total solution following implementation of the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 as of February 2018. Shortly before that time, the GFK research firm discovered three out of five Australian businesses were unaware of their obligations under the Act.

Then the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner received 242 alerts in the first 90 days of the notifiable data breaches (NDB) scheme going live.

Gerdis said: “Our ability to help organisations enjoy data efficiencies of the highest order while maintaining the utmost compliance has helped us achieve a 50% spike in new business in just the last four months.”

The DDDP allows data to be delivered securely to every stakeholder in any environment – and at a speed that facilitates rapid development and delivery of applications and solutions.

Customers say Delphix is reducing task times from weeks and days to just minutes. A global IT giant, for example, says it is now moving data faster by a factor of 100, while an online ticketing operator claims it is launching applications 100 times faster than before.

Delphix expects to see strong growth its customer base in Asia Pacific by the end of the year – following a recruitment spree in the first half of 2018 – in hotspots such as Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore.

This year alone, the company has won industry recognition from Gartner – for data masking and application development – as well as from Deloitte, Inc. Magazine and other notable organizations.

Globally, the company serves some of the largest brands in the world, including two of the top-five banks, two of the top-five telecoms players, two of the top-five health insurance firms, and two of the top-five retailers.

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