Dengue fever outbreak in Bangladesh kills thousands

Bangladesh said that More than 1,000 people have died from dengue fever in the past few weeks. It is the country’s worst outbreak ever.

Dengue fever is normally a seasonal disease in Bangladesh. But the monsoon season has heavier rain and warmer weather because of climate change. Facilitates the laying of eggs and reproduction of Aedes mosquitoes. which are carriers of the dengue virus that causes dengue fever Make the disease occur more often Since the outbreak was first discovered in 2020, public health officials revealed that The current outbreak is too severe for officials to handle. Because it is a more severe strain of the virus. By noting that Dengue fever patients are now deteriorating faster than patients from a few years ago, and in the past two months as many as 20 people have died a day.

The World Health Organization states that Dengue fever outbreaks have been reported in all 64 districts of Bangladesh. The number of patients overflows in the hospital. Until there is a shortage of saline that is necessary to treat patients who are often dehydrated. Bangladeshi authorities are campaigning to raise awareness among citizens about eliminating stagnant water sources where mosquitoes lay their eggs. But experts warn that Those involved may think that dengue fever is a temporary disease. Therefore, no long-term measures or effective measures have been put in place. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency