Deputy Transport Minister rushes to solve the problem of BMTA losses

Debt problem of the BMTA, which currently has a debt of more than 140 billion baht, transport hastened. BMTA procures new buses In the form of private rental You will not have to bear the cost of repairs.

Mrs. Monporn Charoensri, Deputy Minister of Transport Visited and gave policy to the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) at Victory Monument and Bang Khen Dock, emphasizing that at present BMTA has continued losses. and is in the process of entering into a business rehabilitation plan It has an average annual income of 7.8 billion baht, but has expenses and financial costs averaging 12.5 billion per year and an average annual loss of 4.7 billion baht, causing the current accumulated debt to be as high as 140,000 baht. Million baht

A heavy burden that causes the organization to suffer continuous losses. This is partly due to the cost of vehicle repairs, which averages 1.9 billion baht per year. If the BMTA can expedite the procurement of new buses in the form of private rentals, It will prevent you from having to bear the cost of this repair. And it will be beneficial to reduce costs. And if there are new buses Better service will bring the BMTA back to making a profit. and can exit from the recovery plan. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency