Digital wallet concerns are not worth it in exchange for the country’s investment budget.

Parliament Senators are concerned about the distribution of digital wallets. There is likely to be little economic stimulation, not worth it in exchange for the country's investment budget, indicating that populist policy is the politics of capitalists. Create the wrong culture destroy democracy

Reporters reported that The Senate Political Development and Public Participation Committee organized a seminar on How to pinpoint populism? Let Thai politics develop With Mr. Supachai Somcharoen, 2nd Vice President of the Senate, presiding over the seminar, he said: Every time there is an election at both the local and national levels. The importance of gaining votes It is campaigning using policies that are beneficial to the people. and the nation Create prosperity, prosperity and sustainability while making the country more stable as well. The laws for campaigning today are wide open, causing Using populist policies, therefore, political parties must be aware of their worthiness. and benefits to policy including responsibility Because in addition to the people and related agencies that must perform their duties in inspection The political department needs to help promote so that citizens There is a completely legal culture, so it is important to start with political reform. Create a new politics with morality

Mr. Jadej Insawang, Vice Chairman of the Political Development Commission view that populist policy that causes reductions, exchanges, giveaways, and extras does not create good cause and effect especially the distribution of money It is not a matter of the Pracharath. But it is only a matter of populism. Makes you wonder Whose politics is this kind of politics? Which is definitely not the politics of the people. But it is the politics of capitalists that we call political business.

“When giving away money, discounts are exchanged and lots of free gifts are given out. It will become the wrong culture. And these things harm and destroy the development of democratic politics. It is seen that The business of politics has been around for a long time. And today there are even more. Politics is not the politics of the people. Everything is on the wrong side. It's like wearing the wrong button. Because it's enough to be a political business. There must be a return,” Mr. Jadet said.

Mr. Jadej said that politics does not follow the constitution. Not in accordance with the National Fiscal Discipline Act. Distribution and giving are not in accordance with the Organic Act on the Election of Members of the House of Representatives. And our hopes for seeing politics for the people are fading. The more we pinpoint populism in the sense of accepting that populism is important. Even political parties that have only one MP There is still populism. Therefore, he would like to propose Especially for all parties Teenagers who will have the right to vote Let's help each other think. Populism about discounts, exchanges, giveaways, what are the negative effects?

“The law is good, we voters are good. All teenagers who will have the right to vote soon must come together to think about how populism, which is all about reducing, exchanging, giving away, and giving away, is harmful. and sees that populism is a characteristic of the Pracharat that should be clearly considered I know you want to vote with workers. But suddenly it was announced that the minimum wage must be 600, 800 baht without telling me what the employer thought. Suddenly it was said that the fare for the electric train was 20 baht for every line, and the operator was at a loss. Where did the money come from? Take money from the budget tax to cover it and come campaign or not? Emphasize that populism has been around for a long time and will continue to be there. But it is rational populism that we need. It's not a boundary, it's a direction, it just creates a trend. Because it will destroy the nation, religious institutions, and the monarchy, and will even destroy old cultures, traditions, religions, and beliefs. Because if the politics are correct, it will shine brightly. But if politics is distorted Corrupt politics If politics is full of discounts, exchanges, giveaways There will be no way to develop the country and we will continue to be in this cycle,” Mr. Jadet said.

While the seminar Seminar participants saw the same direction. is concerned with driving Project to distribute 10,000 baht digital wallet because there is still no clarity on the origin of the money. and guidelines for distributing money Including the use of a budget of over 560,000 million baht, comparable to the investment budget of 1 fiscal year, causing other projects to be put on hold. Are there worth and risks if economic stimulus is unsuccessful? In addition, stimulation through consumption tends to have little growth. And if there is a loan, it will be a burden on people's occupational costs in the future as well

Source: Thai News Agency