A rare and exotic breeding crayfish has fetched the record high price as it was sold by a farm to a tycoon in Kampaengsan district of Nakhon Pathom for one million baht.

This was disclosed by Mr Kanokphoom Siriwat, owner of the To Banpa ghost crayfish farm in Tambon Huey Kwang of Kampaengsan district, Nakhon Pathom province yesterday.

Kanokphoom disclosed that a tycoon from the same district known as Pratarn Liengpanich offered him one million baht for this distinctive species of breeding ghost crayfish with multi colours.

He said the buyer has visited his farm several times and has offered to buy the ghost crayfish which he named as Khun Chang.

However he refused to sell Khun Chang to him although he kept on visiting and offering during the past few months.

But it was until recently that he decided to sell this six-month old male crayfish after he offered 1,000,001 baht for it.

He said he also gave the buyer the female crayfish named Sida and its 300 babies from the mating with Khun Chang, and his farm's certification document.

He said the buyer's favourite was the main reason that pushed the price up high.

He added that he has been in the crayfish farming business for eight years, learning from the experience and expertise of his auntie raising crayfish for export.

From the experience he earned, he now could breed several species of crayfish with different colours.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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