Doctor advises taking brief shower to avoid gas risk from poor gas water heater

Tourists visiting hilltop hotel accommodations in the North are recommended to take shower briefly in bathrooms installed with gas water heaters during the cold season as buildup of carbon monoxide in the body could be hazardous to life.

The recommendation was made by Dr Tanarak Palibat, director of the Bureau of Epidemiology, as tourists are flocking to the Northern hilltop accommodations to spend the nights during long weekends.

He said that throughout the past nine years from 2008-2016, six people had died and 27 others were injured from carbon monoxide buildup in bodies while taking showers in bathrooms installed with gas water heaters.

Investigations later found that deaths were caused by substandard gas water heaters, and most cases happened in the North.

Leakages of gas from these heaters with no industrial standard certificates caused a buildup of carbon monoxide in the body which led to unconsciousness while taking long hour showers.

Poor ventilation of bathroom in the accommodations was also to be blamed for these death cases, he said.

He then advised that people should take shower briefly in the bathroom or just 10 minutes to avoid the buildup of carbon monoxide in the body while staying overnight at hotel accommodations on the Northern tourist spots.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)