Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan was all smiles this morning at the Government House over the arrest of a suspect in the May 22 bombing of Phra Mongkutkhlao hospital.

He confirmed that the suspect, 62-year old Mr Wattana Poommaret, a retired electrical engineer who used to work at the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, was responsible for the bombing incident, but did not know what was the real motive which prompted the suspect to commit the crime.

General Prawit, however, said he knew was that Mr Wattana dislikes the military and was involved in three bombing incidents in Bangkok since 2010.

A follower of the red-shirt movement, Wattana reportedly confessed to the bombing attack at Phra Mongkutkhlao hospital and a few other bombing incidents in Bangkok during the past several years. He reportedly insisted that he acted alone in all the incidents.

Asked whether the suspect has any connection with Red Shirt sub-leader Wutthipong Kotthamakhun who is also wanted by the police, the deputy prime minister said authorities concerned were still investigating the matter.

He, however, said that authorities concerned could not afford to be complacent and lower their guards because it is not known whether there are still the like of Mr Wattana lurking in the dark and waiting for the right time to spring into actions.

The deputy prime minister said he didn't think Wattana acted alone, adding that there might be at least one conspirator who was involved in the bombing incidents in the capital.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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