DSI searches “Kofuk” network for fuel tax evasion case

Chonburi, DSI leads raids on the Kofuk network in three locations in Chonburi Province, looking for evidence linked to the 18,000 million baht oil tax evasion case.

Pol. Lt. Col. Yutthana Praedam, acting director-general of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), led DSI officials into Chonburi Province to search three locations of oil-transportation companies related to the Kofu network. Kor or Mr. Sanga, age 60, was arrested by the DSI on charges of evading 18,000 million baht in oil taxes in early February.

From the expanded investigation, it was found that there were 5 oil transport companies involved throughout the country, so they searched at the same time in Ranong Province at 1 point, Chumphon at 1 point, and Chonburi at 3 points. In the area of ??Chonburi Province, the Acting Director-General of the DDS I brought forces to inspect a company in Sri Racha District, where officials went in to record information about the operation of the fuel transfer truck during the day of the incident, such
as vehicle control records. Time to transport oil To analyze information to see how it is connected to the Gofuk network. In order to use the information obtained as evidence to prove guilt. to proceed with legal proceedings.

Source: Thai News Agency