PHATUM THANI-The Department of Special Investigation has threatened to enforce the law more strictly against defiant Dhammakaya monks and followers after the collapse of talks between the authorities and the clergy.

The talks between representatives of the DSI and the temple which was also attended by the chief monk of Pathum Thani and representatives of the National Human Rights Commission lasted about five hours with the DSI wanting to get into the temple to look for Phra Dhammachayo, the embattled former abbot of the temple.

Emerging from the failed talks, DSI deputy director-general Pol Maj Suriya Singhakamon said he invited senior monks of the temple for talks after it was reported some elements were inciting followers to resist the authorities.

He disclosed that the talks appeared to be smooth during the morning session, but, in the afternoon, Phra Thattachivo, reputed to be the a powerful figure in the temple after Dhammachayo, issued a resolution not to cooperate with the DSI in its bid to search the temple.

Phra Thattachivo's uncompromising stance led to the breakdown of the talks.

Pol Maj Suriya said the DSI would consult with the police to map out their next move after the collapse of the talks.

He added that there would be no more talks with the Dhammakaya clergy.

Police and DSI reinforcements have been dispatched to the temple to beef up the forces there.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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