The Cabinet on 12 January 2021 approved the organizing of the elections of mayors and members of municipal councils at all levels nationwide, following a proposal by the Ministry of Interior.

The Election Commission of Thailand was instructed to issue relevant regulations and announcements, so that the elections would be held within March 2021.

The tentative date for the elections was set on 21 March. However, the exact date will be announced later by the Election Commission.

Both the Ministry of Interior and the Election Commission are ready to hold the upcoming local elections. The Election Commission has already set guidelines for vote casting in the COVID-19 situation.

The elections involve 2,472 municipalities, comprising 30 city municipalities, 195 town municipalities, and 2,247 subdistrict municipalities.

The Cabinet in October 2020 approved the holding of the elections of Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO) members in 76 provinces. The elections took place on 20 December 2020, the first in six years.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department