Emphasize that it will solve the problem of influential people. The state must be strong.

Ministry of Interior, "Chadha" held a meeting of the sub-committee. Drive to crack down on influential people, found most of them involved in drugs, urge to be careful of addicts and dealers, emphasizing that influential people will be able to be eliminated. The state must be strong.

Mr. Chada Thaiseth, Deputy Minister of Interior Chaired the meeting of the subcommittee driving the implementation of prevention and suppression of influential persons No. 1/2023 at the Ministry of Interior.

The secretariat has reported a list of influential people. That was considered and scrutinized by a provincial committee of 66 provinces, of which 10 provinces were assessed as green areas. No list of influential people was found. For persons suspected of having influencer behavior, the red and yellow colors are divided according to the circumstances of the offense. by most influential people It is related to drugs, followed by capitalists lending money outside the system. Invasion of public land destroy natural resources and open an online gambling den We also received a report of the name of a suspicious person. that there are circumstances Be an influencer from relevant agencies as well

For the opening of the operation (Kick off), the Ministry of Interior has given provinces and districts to set up special operations teams. To begin operations in this section with measures to organize society and prevention and suppression of influential people Including supervision and control of the use of firearms. For the safety of the people Control and supervision of service establishments or service establishments that provide services in the same manner as service establishments Solving the problem of informal debt and interception measures and suppression of drugs

Mr. Chada emphasized that the prevention and suppression of this influential person It is necessary to rely on the cooperation of all government agencies involved. and mechanisms at the local level Initially, all provinces will be notified to carry out inspections and screenings. Review and amend information on the list of names of persons suspected of being influential persons. Including civil servants, politicians and all types of government officials together with relevant provincial government agencies. In order to have a database that is accurate, complete, fair, and up-to-date. Including setting a time frame for operations. In order to make it efficient In particular, the drug problem requires "separating fish and water" and investigating clearly between users and dealers. Regional training centers should be established. By a multidisciplinary team both psychologists Social workers, therapists, vocational promotion and training, physical training, discipline, and Dhamma. We must seriously solve this problem. Especially youths in drug cases.

Source: Thai News Agency