The Ministry of Labour's Inspector-General and spokesperson Mr. Ananchai Uthaipatanacheep, spoke about the National Council for Peace and order's command 33/2560 which enforces 4 sections of the Foreign Worker Management Royal Decree B.E. 2560, effective 1 January 2018. The command clearly states that the grace period will end on 31 December 2017, whereas reporting centers that will be open from 24 July to 7 August for service, will be to give employers an opportunity to convert existing illegal migrant workers to legal status. Once employment with the employer is confirmed, the worker will then proceed with the citizenship verification process to obtain a valid work permit.

Mr. Ananchai said that the protection of registered migrant workers in the social security system was clear. He explained that workers who have entered legally with a valid passport and work permit would receive the welfare from both the compensation and social security fund. As for Laotian, Burmese and Cambodian workers who have temporarily been graced, employer shall register the workers using the pink cards issued from registration. Once the workers are in the social security system, they too will receive welfare from both the compensation and social security fund.

For applications via electronic systems, the Ministry of Labour is planned to launch the services in the 2018 fiscal year which will allow for applications 24-hours a day. The system will link with the Social Security Office's database, whereby the Department of Employment will share information of legal migrant workers so that the Social Security Office can register them as insurer. Mr. Ananchai explained that nNot only will this save time, but it will help eliminate documents too.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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