The ongoing effort by the military installed government to reclaim properties encroaching on national park and forest reserve lands is progressing ahead steadily with latest raid in Ubonrat dam in Khon Kaen province to demolish two resorts built illegally for almost a decade.

The raid yesterday led by Khon Kaen provincial authorities, forestry officials and soldiers dismantled and demolished resorts located within the Ubonrat dam.

The two resorts are Green Lake View and Thap Thewan.

Both are located along the Phu Phan Kham mountain range which is at the dam site.

The two resorts have been found to have encroached on the Ubonrat dam lands located in Uborat district in Khon Kaen province.

The Thap Thewan resort comprises more than 20 buildings built on almost 10 rai of land valued at almost 50 million baht.

Authorities started demolishing buildings at the Thap Thewan resort and set a target of 4 buildings to be torn down in 2 days.

The remaining buildings will be demolished pending second official order before work can begin.

As for Green Lake View which is located close by, authorities plan to demolish 7 buildings. However two of them have already been torn down by its owner..

Complaints had been received as far back as 2006 that these two resorts had encroached into state owned lands but no official action has been taken.

It was only in 2015 that the military junta made clear it's tough policy to demolish all properties encroached on national park, forestry lands to reclaim them back to the state.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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